Thursday, October 26, 2006

Tour de Madeira ground rules

So let's talk some ground-rules of the Tour de Madeira. PJ and I have thrown down the gauntlet (5:43:33) for anybody who would like to beat it. And I'm definitely planning a TdeM 2007. I welcome anybody that would want to try and beat our time. I think it would probably be pretty easy for someone to break the time, but in any case, I thought it seemed appropriate to write up the "official" ground rules for the Tour de Madeira.

Obviously the final result says that you have to visit every street in Madeira, but that's just an overview. It could be used for any of these sorts of "Tours". But Madeira has some unique quirks that deserve clarification. As we found out on the actual Tour, there's always the fun game of "Is this a road, or is this somebody's driveway?" So here's a first stab at some "official" rules.

1. The full length of every street in Madeira must be visited, but you are allowed to go outside of Madeira if you want. Official time is from start to finish, and includes any break or rest time. You are allowed to bike or walk on each street. You may travel on the sidewalk if it is convenient, but travelling on the sidewalk does not count towards completing the route. Except where mentioned below, travelling through any part of an intersection between two streets counts as visiting the entire intersection.

2. Rather than listing off every street, I will list out the various border streets and special cases. Where a specific side of the road is mentioned, the route must include riding / walking on that (Madeira) side of the street. Where the city border does not occur at an intersection of two streets, you must ride / walk past the Madeira city sign posted on that road before turning around. Any streets within these borders that are not specifically excluded must be visited
  • Montgomery Road (from Hosbrook to Galbraith - SE side)
  • Galbraith Road (from Montgomery to east of Miami - south side)
  • Miami road (north of Galbraith - west side)
  • Camargo road (both sides - from west of Blome to Madisonville)
  • Shawnee Run road (from east of Madeira Hills Dr - north side)
  • Kenwood Road (from south of Kenwood Hills to Euclid - both sides)
  • Euclid Avenue (from Ken Arbre to Hosbrook - south side; east of Hosbrook - both sides)
  • Ken Arbre Avenue (from Euclid to Stewart - south side)
  • Stewart Avenue (from Woodsway Dr to Ken Arbre - east side)
3. Special Cases - for some streets, it is unclear what actually consists of a "road". Or some roadways are definitely roads, but it's unclear where the border is between road and driveway. Some clarification for those cases.
  • Goff Terrace - From Miami to the Ferrari's parking lot
  • Railroad Ave - From Miami past Center and into the first parking lot (7805 and 7809 Railroad)
  • Dones Ave - From Camargo east of Marvin to where it splits into 2 driveways (going east to 7845 and south to 7825)
  • Marvin Ave - From Dones to Sellman Park; no need to go past the Parking Lot
  • Iuka Ave and Osceola Ave - at the south ends of both of these streets, there are triangular "median" type structures. You must travel around all three sides.
  • Paisley Lane - You must go around the corner until the road dead ends into the driveway for 6680 Paisley
  • May St - You must go all the way to 6600 and 6609
4. These streets are specifically NOT included
  • Any of the streets of the mobile home park on Dawson Road
  • Greylock Drive
  • Any "named" streets on the campuses of any of the schools
  • Shawnee Pines Drive
  • Dot Ave
  • Miami Road south of Shawnee Run road
  • "Extended" driveways, such as 6873-6929 Fox Hill Lane
  • The path through Sellman Park to Fox Chase Lane
  • The narrow separate pedestrian walkway at the south end of Rita Avenue. You still have to travel all of Rita, but you do not have to especially go through this walkway as you do with the medians on Iuka and Osceola
5. When going down cul-de-sacs, you must make an effort to "round the bend", but you do not have to scrape the curb. Similarly, when travelling to the end of a particular intersection, you do not have to go into the cross street to "fully" complete the street you are on, as long as a reasonable effort is made to get to the end of the street.

Any comments / requests for clarifications / updates?

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