Thursday, November 09, 2006

6:00 and all's well

Another update from Dan and the boys!
  • The good news: Jim is making some delicious turkey and ham sandwiches.
  • The bad news: no cheese
  • The good news: The Goasis off I-71 has lovely bathrooms
  • The bad news: The Goasis off I-71 has non-functional credit card readers, adding 5 minutes of pansy time for payment by cash
  • The good news: 16 minutes ahead of schedule!
  • The bad news: night driving time is approaching... could be a slowdown
Spirit and energy in the car sounded good! What could possibly go wrong? (I love saying that.)

[Technical note - Dan wanted me to mention that the Blog is stamping entries with Pacific time. EST = PST + 3 for the algebraically inclined. ]

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Robert Frost said...

... and miles to go before you can sleep.