Thursday, November 09, 2006

7:00 The count is...

Current county count: 29!

A slight problem in Richland with Darlington Road being closed to through traffic, but our intrepid travelers brought area maps (maps on a road trip... note to self) which allowed them to lose only 3-5 minutes on a detour. Still 9 minutes ahead of schedule!

A good omen: immediately after going over a train crossing our boys saw the "train approaching" lights start to flash in the rear view mirror. A bad omen: the rental van has been chased by two dogs so far. Hounds of Hell? No, let's assume they were Pooches of Positivity.

The smell in the car was reported to be surprisingly fresh, due in no small part to the group decision to save the Black Bean Pueblo Pie for later in the trip. Good call.

Note for next year: MapQuest doesn't tell you which roads are gravel.

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Carolyn said...

NEXT YEAR?? You say that like this is going to ever happen again. Gosh I hope it doesn't happen again! :-) Of course, I could see Dan trying to beat his time. And there are other states to drive through. (sigh) And after he gets all the counties in the US, will he take on the world next??)