Thursday, November 09, 2006

And so it continues...

Desert correspondent Doug Bloebaum here reporting from Phoenix, Arizona where it's 70 degrees on the dot at the moment. But enough about me and the perfect weather... just got off the phone with Team #1 in EFC #1 who relayed the following info:
  • The current county count (ccc) is now at 8
  • The team is 12 minutes ahead of schedule (go figure, they had a schedule)
  • ODOT is clearly trying to thwart the inaugural EFC running
    • a paint crew on OH 800 with "do not pass" signs tried the old rolling road block trick. Fortunately the team knew that "do not pass" "do not apply" during emergencies. And following behind trucks spewing dangerous paint fumes is certainly an emergency.
    • In the Shanesville/Sugarcreek metroplex the team again found themselves trailing behind a lallygagging ODOT driver. I can only imagine that fists were shaken and angry words were shouted. Probably not, but it adds to the dramatic tension, don't you think?
Will the chariot end up covered with regulation ODOT road paint? Will the food supplies hold out? Will our patient pals persevere? Please, stay tuned...

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