Tuesday, November 07, 2006

EFC Roster

Maybe it's time to give some more updates on EFC. Plans are still active - we'll be starting this thing on Thursday. I'd like to give a major shoutout to my wife, who is being very supportive of me in this crazy adventure. I know that being by herself with 4 kids for a few days is not her idea of fun, but she knows how important this is to me and is standing behind me 100%.

Anyway - the people that are going:

Me - Dan Miller - resident crazy map person from Cincinnati, Ohio and founder of this blog. Sometimes I look at myself and wonder if I missed my calling as an urban planner of some sort.

Jim Tocco - all around famous rock star from Montgomery, Alabama. Actually he is not a rock star but is in fact a minor league baseball broadcaster for the Montgomery Biscuits. But you can see why I would call him a rock star, considering how the man has his own Wikipedia page.

DOCTOR Jay Bohland - from Boston, Mass. The man has literally been in school non-stop for the past 25 years. Nobody is really quite sure what he did his dissertation on. It was titled "Neuroimaging and Computational Modeling of Syllable Sequence Production" so.... yeah.

Honorary member who was not able to man up (nancy) but is still providing us with a place to stay beforehand as well as various snack and drink ramifications - Jeff Blankenburg of Columbus, OH. I have only been to his house once, and what I remember most is that it was advertised as "2 stoplights" from I-71, and while that was in fact true, what was not mentioned was that these 2 stoplights covered a distance of like 6 miles.

I will try and post more as we get closer to kickoff.

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Carolyn said...

i'll be so happy when all this madness is done. it's been like a year in the making. maybe more! go efc.