Friday, November 10, 2006


I am on the phone right now with Dan, he said they have just finished the amazing race. Oh wait, that's something else. They have just finished the amazing EFC race. It took 23 hours 34 minutes and 34 seconds. The world record has been set. No one has ever done this before and who knows if it will ever be done again!


Doug Bloebaum said...

Wow. Congratulations guys, you did it! If Arizona wasn't so big and deserty I'd be tempted to give it the old college try out here. I wonder if it would be possible? I wonder who might spend the time laboriously mapping it out to see if it is? (Hi, Dan.)

dan said...

I believe I have a route that should make Arizona doable. Both AZ and NV are big and sparse enough that even though they are so much larger, because there are fewer counties, I think it would be possible to do them all in 24 hours.