Friday, November 10, 2006

Midnight: Desert correspondent signing off

As we near the blackout period I can't help but draw the analogy of astronauts passing to the dark side of the moon. Dan, the lifter of spirits, wanted me to tell everyone, "just because there are no updates... we probably haven't died or anything." Atta boy, Dan.

One of the rental van's many features is a digital readout showing how many miles to empty. When it reaches "0" you can still make it a few more miles, though. I'm pretty sure you've guessed why we know that.

As I was on the phone with the boys, the van and its occupants passed into Shelby county to bring the ccc to an even 50! Jay is driving and is feeling good, predicting that he can take them all the way to the next gas stop at dawn. I knew everything was ok based on overhearing,

"Ok, Jay, we're getting off here..."

"Right here?"

"Well, not RIGHT here... at the exit."

Yes, things are under control.

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