Thursday, November 09, 2006

My last update this evening...the 1/2way point.

Here's the latest information:

34 minutes ahead of schedule.
640 miles into the trip.
47 counties.
12 hours.
1 engine light is on. uh-oh.

One incoherent ramble:

"very much Enjoyed running with the king of roads (The Turnpike),

the king likes to jog, but that's ok because that's how gets to so many counties.

followed him to seven we bid farewell, we gave him three cheers.

Hooray for the king."


dan said...

It is not the Turnpike that is the king of roads, but OH-66.

All hail the king.

Hip, Hip, Hooray.

Call of the Game said...

Hip hip, hooray!