Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Well we hit our first snag in the competition. International superstar and Wikipedia page having rock star Jim Tocco did not drive up from Alabama last night. He will be leaving some time today and driving up. Once he gets here we will both drive up to Columbus.

This shouldn't affect any route details, though it does mean that the beautiful 6.2 mile running route I created for him through the suburban streets will go to waste.

Here's the route.

This is only a crude representation, but yes, these lines do represent actual roads that we have. The actual route has been done to much more detail, but it shall remain secret, at least for now. I just know all million of my readers are DYING to find out the exact route so they can visit all 88 counties before me. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! :-)

I will post more either later today or tomorrow morning before we leave.

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