Sunday, February 04, 2007

WV County Trip, part 2

Well, on the way home, I executed my plan to pick up the northernmost 2 counties of the West Virginia panhandle (Brooke and Hancock). A few notes:

  • I travelled the entire distance of PA 844. It was kind of windy through Western Pennsylvania
  • More fun on WV 2 - again, it was a decent road but lots of stopping through river-towns.
  • No county sign at Hancock County on US 22, though on the way back, I did see a very small green sign that said just "County Line"
  • While paralleling the Ohio River on OH 7, if my camera batteries hadn't died, I could have snagged several pictures for the Ohio Highway Ends website.
So while driving home, I pondered how long it might take to visit Every Numbered Highway in Ohio. This is something that I've thought of before (of course) and naturally it is a great fit into the Every Whatever theme.

I'm not convinced that it couldn't be done in 24 hours. On the surface, it seems like it would take quite a bit more time than EFOHC (which was done in 23 hours 34 minutes and 34 seconds, as I'm sure you well remember. And that may be the case. But on the flip side, there would be a lot less time wasted on out and backs. Instead of wandering around for 30 minutes on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere trying to figure out where the Gallia County line is, it should be mostly major (well-marked) roads.

Ground rules: There are approximately 530 Ohio routes, plus 24 US highways (6 6A 20 20A 22 23 24 27 30 30A 33 35 36 40 42 50 52 62 68 127 224 250 322 and 422) and 21 Interstates (70 71 74 75 76 77 80 90 270 271 275 277 280 470 471 475 480 490 670 675 and 680). It was decided that if you cross a route, then it counts as long as it's an at-grade intersection - if you cross over and under then it's no go. You'd have to get off the highway, cross the highway and get back on.

Don't worry, your intrepid blog-master will investigate this and report.

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