Sunday, March 25, 2007

Chicago Trip, Day 0

So I am being sent to Chicago for a week of training. Actually 2 (non-consecutive weeks). Actually as I write this I am already IN Chicago.

Naturally, my first thought upon finding out that I was going to Chicago for training was not "Cool, the chance to learn job applicable skills" or "Sure will miss my family while I'm gone" though both of those things are true. Rather, it was more along the lines of "Holy crap am I going to pick up some counties!"

It was decided we would drive up. Since the training is just more of a 9-5 thing, I figured that I could use my evenings (plus the trips to and fro) to score more counties. My original goal when trying to set things up was to hit every county in Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin. However, I have since pared things down (as Carolyn says, "The counties will still be there")

Originally it was going to be me and two other guys from work driving up. So I was trying to figure out how I could "umm borrow?" the car at nights. But then the one guy couldn't go up, and then the other guy's boss said they couldn't spend the money and then voila I was driving up all by myself!

So I spent a bit of time cooking up some routes for county, county, county madness! Stay tuned. Let's just say that my Illinois is preparing to look AWFUL blue.

Here is a before shot of my county map

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