Sunday, March 25, 2007

Chicago Trip, Day 2

Today was an off day, being Sunday. I had decided that I was going to do the whole keep the Sabbath Day holy and not drive around for more counties.

Still, I can't help it if there just HAPPEN to be new counties to visit on my way into Chicago. Those would be Marshall (#41) and Putnam (#43)

What happened to #42, you are certainly asking yourselves?

Well, Stark (#42) was just SO close, I was sure God wouldn't mind a little 1/2 mile out and back :-D

Also 6 counties on I-80 that I had previously been to


Carolyn said...

OH He minds mister. Heck fire and dangnation for you!

epeej3 said...

Yeah, heck fire and dangation! See what you SHOULDA done is found a church meeting block you could've attended, you know, four or five counties away, or you coulda hit three churches in three separate counties... Then He TOTALLY woulda been okay with it! :-)

dan said...

You're right. That would have been the smart thing to do. Still, that felt a bit "gamey". I was trying to find one on the way to my hotel so that I wouldn't spend all day driving around

Still, I just couldn't bring myself to pass up Stark County. The spirit was (kind of) willing but the flesh was definitely weak