Thursday, June 28, 2007

Tour de Fairport Harbor ground rules

Ground rules for the Tour de Fairport Harbor, Ohio.

1. All rules as laid out in the basic ground rules must be followed:

2. The borders of Fairport Harbor are as follows:

  • Lake Erie to the north

  • Grand River to the west, south and east (you must cross the river on OH-535 to the south and St. Clair St to the east

  • East St to the east

  • OH-535 to the east must be travelled to the city limits sign

3. Special cases

  • Water St - You must travel north to the end of the street with the port authority building

  • High St / Huntington Beach Dr - You must travel north to the guard shack admitting people into the park. You must travel on both sides of the "V" to the west of the guard shack as well as around the complete circle to the north of the shack.

  • Houghton Ct - You must travel until the parking lot at the back (north) of the buildings
  • House Ct - You must travel the entire street

  • Prospect St (section off Vine St) - You must travel around the bend to the east - no need to travel down the foot path that goes down the hill to the west of Vine St

  • Prospect St (section off East St) - You must travel around the bend until the Marina welcome sign.

  • 2nd St - You must travel until the road dead-ends into the parking lot for an apartment-type building

  • 3rd St - You must travel until the road splits into straight-ahead into the industrial building and off to the left into the condos.

  • 4th St - You must travel into the section west of High St

  • OH-535 - You must go eastbound until the city limits sign

  • St. Clair St and OH-535 - You must cross the river

  • OH-535 and High St - You must travel around all 3 sides of the triangle intersection between these 2 streets.

  • Villa East Dr and Harbor Ridge Ln - You may travel between these streets by going around the chain barrier.

4. These streets are specifically not included

  • Windjammer Ct

  • Any pedestrian paths to the lake

  • The driveway / roadway east of the guard shack at the Lakefront Park.
  • The walkways inside Huntington Park

  • Pincus Ct

5. One-way streets:

  • Marine St - must be travelled northbound

  • King St - must be travelled eastbound

  • Paradise Alley / Paradise Ct - must be travelled eastbound

  • 2nd St between High St and Water St - must be travelled westbound

  • South St - On various online maps, this appears to be one-way westbound. But "on the ground" there were no markers to indicate as such. This was where one of the local schools was, so (since I'm not local) I don't know if this was a one-way thing only when school is in session? If so, the one-wayness must be observed. If there continue to be no markings when you attempt the record, you may travel it in either direction.

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