Friday, February 27, 2009

Build me a depot Phil Caaaampbell

So we just passed through the thriving metropolis of Phil Campbell, Alabama. Not Campbellsvile, or Campbellton or Campbell's Crossings. But Phil Campbell, Alabama.

So we managed to do a quick lookup of its wikipedia page.

Guy promised Phil Campbell if he built a depot and spur to the railroad track that he would name the town after him. So he did and then he did.

Sing it with me (to the tune of Bill Bailey)

Build me a depot Phil Caaaaaampbell
You'll bring the train right throuuuuuuuuuuugh
Build me a depot Phil Caaaaaampbell
We'll name the towwwwn for youuuuuu.

Doesn't it sound like an old time victrola?

There was a "Phil Campbell Day" in 1995 where 22 people named Phil Campbell got together.

Current County count - 24 (in Colbert county - in the NW corner)
Ahead of pace by - 1:42:19

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