Friday, February 27, 2009

Carey update and Clark-ee county

Time for a Carey update. First of all, two lane roads and white trucks suck.

But first, background. My trip over to the starting point was fun, but I didn't get to pick up any new counties beacuse we had a late start. We stopped in Beaumont to check out an awesome fire museum. They had a fake front of a firetruck with flashing lights and a tiny house with safety tips to play in. Next up we stopped east of Lafayette at a small cajun restaurant called Boudin King, which had pretty horrible gumbo (some of the rice was uncooked even). After that it was pretty much a straight shot in the dark all the way to Mobile. We stayed for free with my new couchsurfing friend Chris, and in the morning, David and Conan dropped me off at the starting point. We beat Dan there by 5 minutes.

We're now 7 counties in, in Clarke county, and we're about 20 minutes ahead of schedule (I'm not quite as precise as Dan is).

Here's more instructions on how to use bliin, beacause it can be kind of confusing. Go to

To see where we are, click on "careyj" and click "Live!" and the map should center on us. Right now we're at 3 second interval updates, but we have to turn it off to update the blog. Click the "M" on the left control panel if you prefer street maps instead of satellite view.

In order to see the "trip" so far, click on "Trips" underneath "careyj" and open up the EFALC (not EFCAL).

Stay tuned for more updates, I'm sure there will be many more.

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