Friday, February 27, 2009

Choctaw - County Count 8

We just passed Zimco. We are wondering if that is the alphabetically last city / town in Alabama. Perhaps some intrepid reader can check for us and post in the comments.

Our thoughts were that it would certainly be a competitor, if perhaps there were no Zorn or Zutroffs (or Zwyckzwck)

There was 3 seconds pansy time accumulated when Adam thought that we were turning around at the Clarke county line and so slowed down (so as to turn around) before we let him know that we were continuing straight until Choctaw.

We just hit Choctaw county, #8. We are murdering all pace records - currently 30:46 ahead of pace.


Rita said...

Technically, Zimco is just a place. There is no census data for it and it is not included in the list of cities, towns, villages, and unincorporated areas. However, the last city on the list is York. So, you can take it that it would be that last if it were on the list.

dan said...

Thanks Rita - we're taking it! Zimco for last!