Friday, February 27, 2009

First update

Okay we are out exactly 2 minutes 30 seconds into the trip right now. We started at officially 8:19:52 Central time.

After some debate, Jim, Adam and I decided to get a hotel room. There was talk of some sleeping in a van, for some restful coma-inducing "van sl.eep". In the end, we got into not a Motel 5, not a Motel 7, but a Motel 6.

It was approximately what you might expect from a $33.99 hotel room. We made a reservation before we left Montgomery, but when we got to mobile, the clerk informed us that he had just sold his last room. The gentleman was not fazed when informed of our so called "reservation". Very reminiscent of last time with the van. In the end, he told us that he could sell us a room that "had something wrong with it".

Naturally the appropriate first question is "well what is wrong with it". Jim's first thought was a room with tigers inside. In the end, we had our choice between a room with purple dye on the bathtub or one with dirty carpets. We went with the dye. I have a picture that I'll upload later.

Jim also wants to point out that the desk clerk made him give his key back, depriving him of an addition to his hotel key collection.

While in the car, we were playing some of those "lateral thinking" puzzles, like "a man has hung himself and there's a puddle of water underneath him". We stayed up way too late trying to find out why a man killed himself after eating abalone.

I will keep you posted. Also, if you check out you can see the photos that we uploaded, as well as if you click on trips it will show our current location.

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