Friday, February 27, 2009

Jim - king of county sign photography

Jim is in fact the king of photographing county signs. It is unfortunate that I can not upload the photo he just snagged.

You may be able to see up on the photo that Carey just snapped of the logging truck we were stuck behind, whipping up spray in a torrential rainstorm. Just to give you an idea of conditions.

But despite that, Jim snagged a perfect shot of the Welcome to Lamar county sign (#18). I bow to his mad skills.

The rain has slowed down quite a bit. And actually it just appeared a lot worse because the truck in front of us was whippin up spray like there was no tomorrow.

Currently we are ahead of pace by 1:20:55


mamaT said...

Whoa....there is NO visibility behind that logging truck

dan said...

Yeah - it was really bad behind that truck.