Friday, February 27, 2009

A plan comes together, hopefully

We are cruising along nicely, beginning the last of three large North-to-South swaths we cut across the state. We'll sweep up the Eastern side of the state and pick up all of those counties, eventually finishing in Buck's Pocket State Park, where DeKalb County meets Jackson County.

As of this writing, that means we've got about 468 miles remaining on the trip. The van is currently 217 miles until empty, so this plays out nicely. Although most of the remaining distance is classified as "middle of nowhere," we do hit the interstate for just two miles around Auburn / Opelika, between exits 60 and 58. Assuming we can hit a gas station there, we'll be able to fuel up roughly 13 miles before the fan hit fumes, and then have just 234 miles until the trip ends.

The plan does hinge on finding a gas station in that area, though.

Our county count is at 42, and Dan is moving at a predictably plodding pace. We could still finish in 20-21 hours, though.


Carolyn said...

Hey crew! You're entering the night time shift where folks tend to get sleepy and slap happy. I'll be sleeping in my nice soft bed. :-) You guys stick to the no crashing. Good night!

Carolyn said...

Apparently I don't know how to use all the features on bliin. What am I missing?

mamaT said...

Is Jim doing the a.m. hours?

dan said...

Yes, I, Jim, will drive the last hours.