Friday, February 27, 2009

Some updates / responses

To answer Jay's comments on this earlier post:

1. Adam is currently driving and has been since the start. We discussed switching at our last gas stop but Adam decided to carry on.

2. No black bean pueblo pie nor beef jerky. Jim is definitely tearing through the gold rold pretzel rods though.

3. There are 67 counties in Alabama, we just whipped through Fayette, county #19. That is one more than our last post.

4. I brought along 2 binders. One map binder and then a backup binder. I also had Carey print out and bring the wikipedia county pages for each county, for appropriate demographic trivia.


Doug Bloebaum said...

Hey, it's last year's desert correspondent checking in for updates... so sorry I wasn't as emotionally involved this time. Stupid work keeps getting in the way of fun. :-) Too bad the Black Bean Pueblo Pie didn't make a return visit, either.

Carolyn said...

Ugh that sounds really, really boring. :-)