Friday, February 27, 2009

Sumter county - county count of 14 - first gas stop

We just had our first gas / bathroom stop. It took us 4:36 at the gas station, so our current TPT (Total Pansy Time) is now 4:39.

Carey was assessed $1.60 pansy dollars for looking up on Google and telling us there were no gas stations at AL-28 and I-20/59. So we stopped earlier for $1.79 a gallon when in fact there was a gas station right by the highway selling gas for $1.69.

1:11:59 ahead of estimates. Current county count is 14 and we are in Sumter county. Approaching Greene on I-20/59 East.

To follow along check us out at - see earlier posts for instructions.

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Ohio88 said...

While I'm enjoying the updates, we're going to need a little more context here guys....

Who is driving?

How many counties are there in Alabama anyway?

What's the Black Bean Pueblo Pie situation?

Who is in charge of the beef jerky?

And how many binders did Dan bring along?

Yours truly,
The coward of the counties