Friday, February 27, 2009

We'll get you, Bibb County...

A minor setback strikes the intrepid traveling party near Calera.

While attempting to jaunt off of the interstate at Exit 228 for a quick out-and-back to Bibb County, we noticed flashing blue lights at the end of the off ramp. An accident had blocked the way to Alabama Highway 25 Westbound, leaving only a lonely, wet, moronic cop listlessly directing traffic.

Dan rolled down his window to engage the young officer in conversation, and he strolled over to the driver-side window, not grasping the enormity of our dilemma. My powers of observation are not currently at their keenest, but according to my recollections, the conversation went like this:

Dan: "Is this road closed?"

Cop: *Gestures with his flashlight at the accident*

*Five seconds pass*

Cop: "Yeah."

Hastily, a new plan was formulated. Unfortunately, Highway 25 is really by far the best way to get to Bibb County. So the new plan required us to double back on I-65 for three miles and bypass the accident, then circling through Bibb County.

The whole incident is reminiscent of the Ohio trip's Darlington Road debacle (I trust Dan will hyperlink that later here). Although this one cost us at least 10 minutes.

However, with Bibb successfully traversed, we're now at 34 counties, officially marking the point at which we're more than halfway through, at least on the county count.


mamaT said...

Re your speed- is traffic bad coming into Montgomery or maybe the beam isn't to be trusted? ..... bliin live is showing your vehicle's speed ranging from 51km to 186km/h within 15 seconds. It's up and down, all over the road...

mamaT said...

Forget Bill Bailey, with apologies to The Police

Every road you take
Every stream or lake
Every time you brake
Oh for goodness sake
We'll be watching you.

Every county line
Through dark and bright sunshine
Every one way sign
On "Bama 49
We'll be watching you.

Oh can't you see
We can't believe you three
Now my poor heart breaks
For all the gas that takes.

When will you be through?
Then what will you do?
Just the same old crew
Finding something new
And we'll be watching you.

dan said...


Carolyn said...

"Now my poor heart breaks
For all the gas that takes."

She took the words right out of my mouth. :-) Excellent song!

Ohio88 said...

I'm afraid I'm going to have to give mamaT more credit for the song than the crew for making the Alabama trip.

Amazing! :)

dan said...

We'll have no lip from you, the coward of the counties

Carey said...

That cop was serious proof that there is no IQ requirement to be a police officer in Alabama. He was very caveman-esque.