Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Alabama County Trip Table of Contents

The Idea, September 23, 2008: Every County in Alabama (dan)

The days leading up to the trip:
February 23, 2009: Alabama county trip is on! (dan)
February 25, 2009: Every County in Alabama (dan)

Go time (February February 26-27, all times in this list are CST)
8:37am: First update (dan)
9:12am: Sense of urgency - county count 4 (dan)
10:10am: Carey update and Clark-ee county (carey)
10:38am: Choctaw - County Count 8 (dan)
11:51am: County count 13 (dan)
12:48pm: Sumter county - county count of 14 - first gas stop (dan)
1:48pm: Additional pansy time (dan)
2:16pm: Jim - king of county sign photography (dan)
2:23pm: Some updates / responses (dan)
3:07pm: The republic of Winston (dan)
4:04pm: Build me a depot Phil Caaaampbell (dan)
4:14pm: Boring update (dan)
5:43pm: Update - county count 30 (dan)
6:41pm: Update from the center of Alabama (jim)
7:25pm: We'll get you, Bibb County... (jim)
10:16pm: A plan comes together, hopefully (jim)
10:36pm: What a country (jim)
1:17am: Adventures in gas land (dan)
1:50am: Gas adventures solved (dan)
2:48am: Old Sudsville Water (carey)
5:54am: Nearly finished (dan)
7:13am: It is finished (dan)

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