Monday, August 23, 2010

Every County in New England in 20 minutes

Here it is folks - the results of assembling 12,000+ still frames shot over our 26 hour journey to every county in New England into a 20 minute video with corresponding soundtrack.

I'm pretty pleased with how it came out, so find yourself a 20 minute block of time, and get some popcorn. Unfortunately, the video here is a little small and blocky due to file size restrictions...

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Wheels up +24

We've just passed the 24 hour mark since taking off on a Cessna from the Vineyard yesterday. It's been an arduous journey, and we're 62 counties and 10,700 images into it, but we've come up short on the (never realistic) goal of completing all New England counties in 24 hrs.

We think we'll wrap up by around 10am, and will have seen some good sights, had some good conversations and plenty of laughs, and then we'll have 6 hours to get home. We were only pulled over once and got a warning, and we haven't hit any wildlife

All in all, we're doing well and thinking of new procedures to incorporate sleep hours in future trips.

It's finished.

If we told you it took less than 24 hours, you'd believe us, right?


No sleep til 8 road.

Friday, August 13, 2010

No service!

Sorry for the lack of updates from rural, serviceless Vermont. We're through 27 counties, with Rutland coming right up. 

We made a big error on 100/155, costing us major pansy time, which is going to be hard to make up. 

The sandwiches are receiving rave reviews. And Kevin knows Calvin Coolidge's tomb like the back of his hand. More asap. 

Sorry this post is old bad service. Bethel mountain road!

Tweet fail

So twitter search is having big problems, thus updates on #efnec are not coming through to the website. You can, however, follow @TheDanMiller, @JimTocco, and @DrJayBoston to get updates.

Sorry, I know you're waiting with bated breath.

First mistake

I'm not going to assign blame to any particular person from Virginia, but we missed Exit 5a off of 95 in RI. This cost us as we had to take 138 N (a slow going road) instead of 165 W into New London, CT. We lost about 8 mins along the way.

Dan's just going to turn up the awesome.

Rhode Island bound

We are rolling down US6 in the Ford Escape (or similar), 18 minutes ahead of schedule. Let me take this time to explain the photography situation.

First, we have Jim and Jay on the iPhones, tweeting pics throughout. Check the twitter feed (#efnec) and the photos page at

In addition, we have a webcam hooked to the roof of the Ford Escape (or similar) with an industrial strength suction vise, with USB cable through the passenger window. This camera will be snapping photos every 6 seconds from here on out, about 14,000 in total. We'll make that into a time-lapse video and put it up after we return to Cambridge.

Tune in for further updates.

Charting a course to the Vineyard

This is Dan (posting under Jay's account).

We had a good night. Yesterday (Thursday) afternoon I got to Jay's office, dropped off my car, and rode the T to the airport (where Jay managed to make us pay 2 fares each), and of course by "make us pay" I mean make himself pay for both of us.

Then we picked up Jim and Kevin at the airport, rented the Escape (or similar) and drove back to Jay's house (on Jay St., of course).

We packed up, and drove to Hyannis. We drove around the traffic circle a few times (Big Ben. Parliament.) and eventually parked the Escape (or similar) at the long term parking lot (backing in of course to save those crucial seconds)

Then we had a friendly Russian cab driver drive us over to the Sleepy Hollow Motor Inn in Woods Hole, where we stayed the night.

4:30 this morning came awful early, and after showering and getting ready, we walked down to the Steamship Authority ferry, which is where we're at right now.

We're using the ship's free wi-fi to post this while we are on the way to Martha's Vineyard (Dukes County). As soon as I finish posting this, we'll be making our way to the front of the exit line so we can hurry and call a cab to take us from the ferry landing to the airport.

Jim is ready with the official time, which will start as soon as we are "wheels up" on our flight to Nantucket. There may not be many updates until we get back as we won't have Internet. But you can check out our progress at the website

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Website to track us

Jay spent the day making a website to track us. It has links to this blog, as well as some Google Latitude tracking us

EFNEC food preparations

Email from Jay

Let me announce the food and beverage options for our voyage:

Buffalo Turkey with Provolone and Romaine on Oat and Honey Whole Wheat
Multigrain (2 available)
Buffalo Turkey with Provolone and Romaine on a hard roll (2 available)
Pepper Crusted Ham with Provolone and Romaine on Oat and Honey Whole
Wheat Multigrain (2 available)
Pepper Crusted Ham with Provolone and Romaine on a hard roll (2 available)
Combo Buffalo Turkey and Pepper Crusted Ham with Provolone and Romaine
on Oat and Honey Whole Wheat Multigrain (2 available)
Combo Buffalo Turkey and Pepper Crusted Ham with Provolone and Romaine
on a hard roll (2 available)
Dimitrio's of Cambridge, MA Cheese Pizza, served cold (8 slices available)

Assorted mini-muffins (12 available)
Fresh bananas (5 available)
Trader Joe's Reduced Fat Vanilla Yogurt, 6 oz tubs (4 available)

Assorted apples (3 Granny Smith, 3 Fuji, 2 Pink Lady available)
Dried fruit and nut mix with Cashews, Almonds, Walnuts, Cranberries,
Blueberries (2 lbs. available)
Assorted Shaw's Crunchy Granola Bars (2 Maple Brown Sugar, 2 Peanut
Butter, 2 Oats & Honey available)

Cape Cod Robust Russet Potato Chips (15 oz available)
Shopper's Value Salted Pretzel Rods (approximately 25 rods available)
Sour Patch Kids Soft and Chewy Candies (14 oz available)
Twizzlers Strawberry Twists (approximately 20 twists available)

Jen's Homemade Double Chocolate Brownies (approximately 10 available)

BEVERAGE CART (precise quantities to be determined by available cooler space):
Shaw's Natural Spring Water, 12 oz bottles
Adirondack Mandarin Orange Seltzer Water, 12 oz cans
Diet Dr. Pepper Cherry, 12 oz cans
Diet A&W Root Beer, caffeine free, 8 oz cans
Monster Energy Drink, 16 oz cans
Assorted Gatorade sports drinks, 32 oz WIDE MOUTH bottles

p.s. This is on me to make up for all y'all having to fly / travel.
See you tomorrow!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

EFNEC route

So EFNEC stands for Every Freakin New England County. It's the 3rd such trip that we have done, having done Ohio and Alabama previously.

So while the exact route must remain top-secret, for proprietary reasons, I thought I'd share a bit of noodling.

The problem, as I've mentioned before, is the 2 Massachusetts counties that are on islands.

So we'll be starting there by taking a ferry to Martha's Vineyard, then a plane from MV (Dukes County) to Nantucket (Nantucket County) and then another plane from Nantucket back to the mainland.

As a side note, one of my friends was simultaneously jealous when I told her I was going to Martha's Vineyard and appalled when I told her I'd be there for about an hour :-D

After landing in Hyannis, we'll drive west through RI and CT, then north through MA and VT. Upon reaching Grand Isle county in the far northwest of Vermont, we'll head southeast back towards Boston, before taking the final leg of the journey northeast into Maine.

We will end on a "road" that is called "Eight Road". As you might imagine, in some rural areas, there is a fun game to be played called "Is this a road, or someone's driveway?"

We will be attempting to live update from the road both on this blog as well as on Twitter at

Happy Trails!

Monday, August 09, 2010

Every County in New England

So..... it's been awhile since anyone has posted here, right?

To break my silence, I bring you news of an Every Freakin New England County (EFNEC) trip. The problem with New England is that there are 2 counties in Massachusetts (Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard) that are on islands. Total is 67 counties.

In doing calculations, it seemed like there was no way to do the whole thing in 24 hours, so we re-defined the project as 24 hours upon reaching the mainland, which does look doable.

So plans have been made and locked up, and we will be starting with a 6 am ferry to Martha's Vineyard this Friday.

More information coming, including ways on how to follow our adventures.