Tuesday, August 10, 2010

EFNEC route

So EFNEC stands for Every Freakin New England County. It's the 3rd such trip that we have done, having done Ohio and Alabama previously.

So while the exact route must remain top-secret, for proprietary reasons, I thought I'd share a bit of noodling.

The problem, as I've mentioned before, is the 2 Massachusetts counties that are on islands.

So we'll be starting there by taking a ferry to Martha's Vineyard, then a plane from MV (Dukes County) to Nantucket (Nantucket County) and then another plane from Nantucket back to the mainland.

As a side note, one of my friends was simultaneously jealous when I told her I was going to Martha's Vineyard and appalled when I told her I'd be there for about an hour :-D

After landing in Hyannis, we'll drive west through RI and CT, then north through MA and VT. Upon reaching Grand Isle county in the far northwest of Vermont, we'll head southeast back towards Boston, before taking the final leg of the journey northeast into Maine.

We will end on a "road" that is called "Eight Road". As you might imagine, in some rural areas, there is a fun game to be played called "Is this a road, or someone's driveway?"

We will be attempting to live update from the road both on this blog as well as on Twitter at


Happy Trails!

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