Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Every Super Neighborhood in Houston - Trip 12

Ok, I did this one a long long time ago.  I just came across the photos and realized I didn't do an update.

We didn't stray much from the proposed map.  I realize the map isn't updated, and hopefully I'll do it soon (if I can remember all the detours).

First of all, it was a pretty miserable day.  It was warm and drizzling almost the entire time.

I met David at Washington and Heights and we took a familiar route through downtown.  Passing through the area East of Downtown, we saw a photo op:

David showing off his muscles

We ate breakfast at a little Mexican place that I can't remember.  But it was good!

After going through the Eastwood area, we got to #65 Harrisburg/Manchester:

Still wet and Rainy

Then after going to an Apartment that I thought would say Park Place on it and playing with my nearly dead phone for a bit, we decided to head down main street and found #74 Park Place:

Park Place Apartments
Along the very long stretch of Highway 3, we got #75 Meadowbrook/Allendale:

One day, I'll be living it up here
Further down Hwy 3, we got #79 Edgebrook Area:
It was getting pretty hot and humid by now
After even more Highway 3, we got #80 South Belt / Ellington.  This was the entrance to Ellington Field, which is an air force base:

Then finally, at long last, marking the furthest I had ever ridden away from my house, #81 Clear Lake.  If I were to ride straight here, the distance would be 22.6 miles for the most direct route:

Unfortunately, we didn't see any local restaurants at all, so we settled for this old-style looking McDonalds (in Clear Lake) before the long trip back.:
It stopped raining, but it was still hot as heck

The marathon is in two weekends, and after that I'm going to get back into cycling.  I learned my lesson last year that riding bicycles long distances tightens up the worst possible muscles for distance running, so I decided to give cycling a rest while I was training.  Hopefully I'll be back on the bike pretty soon.

There are only two big trips left, the major Southwest Tour and the mother of all trips, the Lake Houston/Kingwood Tour.  16 more super neighborhoods to go!